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What can I do if a dog looks like it is about to attack me?

Dog Bite Prevention

Ever been afraid of being attacked by an animal? Unfortunately, it can happen since any animal when threatened can attack you. According to the Center for Disease Control, roughly 4.7 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs each year. To avoid getting a dog bite, think smart and carry some type of animal defense tool with you while jogging or walking. You can distract a dog looking to attack you be using a weapon that uses high pitched sound that only dogs can hear to distract them. There are also repellents that when sprayed at the dog act like pepper spray and disorient the dog so you can get away.

What can I do if a bear attacks me?

Using Bear Spray May Protect You Against A Bear Attack

Do you live near bears? Have you ever worried that you could be attacked by one? According to National Geographic News, it actually may not be very likely that a bear attack will occur. However, when animals and humans live near one another, conflicts do occur. If you do live in an area where bears are seen on a fairly regular basis, you may want to start carrying around a bear spray or bear pepper spray in case you end up in a dangerous situation. In reality, when a bear attacks there are several responses that people try:

1. Fight back. This isn't recommended and in most cases will actually prove deadly to the person who attempts it.

2. Stay calm and play dead. In many cases, the bear is just defending itself or its cubs. If you play dead, it is more likely to leave you alone and leave the area.

3. Spray your bear spray at the bear. This can help to disorient the bear long enough for you to either play dead or leave and get to a safer location.

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