Self Defense Products Frequently Asked Questions

How to I prevent a home invasion?

How do I burglar proof my home?

Am I in a high-risk category for an ATM robbery?

Can I avoid becoming a mugging victim?

How can a woman protect herself from robbery and sex crimes?

Are crimes against joggers 'hit and grab' or 'violent' crimes?

I am disabled or elderly, where can I find help?

What is the difference between mace and pepper spray?

How Do I Use Pepper Spray?

Do I need anything more than a defense spray?

What is the best self defense spray for joggers?

What are some things I should take into consideration when using a defense spray?

Can Pepper Spray and Tear Gas cause health problems?

How can I prevent a carjacking?

How do car theives steal a car?

How effective is the LoJack security device?

Can car thieves steal a car with an audible alarm?

How often does a car theft occur?

What are the most commonly stolen cars?

Can I prevent a carjacker from taking my car?

Is there help for women in an abusive situation?

Is there a difference between self defense methods for women and methods used by men?

Is it all right for me to fight back if it causes trouble ?

What are the five levels of personal protection?

How much force should I use to protect myself?

How do I protect myself from a friend or family member?

How do I learn to defend myself?

What is the best legal self defense gun?

How do stun guns work?

Is it legal to use stun guns, tasers, and firearms to defend myself?

Which self defense products are legal?

Are self defense products enough to keep me safe?

Can I get in legal trouble for using a weapon against an attacker?

Where is the best place to hide keys?

How can I make my home safe?

How can I protect myself from burglars until the police arrive?

How can I protect myself while traveling?

How can I protect myself from a stalker who keeps phoning me?

Can I prevent burglary without installing an expensive security system?

How do I prevent someone from entering my home?

How can I protect myself from violence?

How can I defend myself without taking martial arts training?

What is the best martial arts style for self defense?

Can I stop an attacker from selecting me as their next victim?

Are their some easy self defense moves for women?

How do I defend myself from a violent person?

What is a good way to stop a bully who is harassing me?

Are there ways to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime?

What can I carry if I don't feel comfortable with a weapon?

Are self defense weapons a good choice for women?

How can I protect my home against an intruder?

I am an avid jogger. How can I protect myself from attack?

How can I protect myself in places where I cannot carry a self defense weapon?

What can I do to stop a stalker?

What type of self defense weapon should I use?

Is a firearm a good self defense weapon?

What is a good way to defend myself at home?

How do I know if a baton is right for me?

Is a self defense baton a good choice for a woman?

Can I be arrested for defending myself with a weapon?

When should I use a deterrent instead of a weapon?

Is there a difference between street and tournament weapon training?

What is the Best Weapon's Training Method?

How do I find a good weapon training method?

Which is the best self defense weapon for me?

Do I need different self defense weapons for myself and my home?

How can I legally protect my home without using firearms?

Why should I use the same pepper spray used by law enforcement agencies?

Can carrying a self defense keychain help me avoid becoming a victim?

Is pepper spray safe to use at home?

Are the martial arts used for self defense?

Can a ninja sword be used for self defense?

How can I use a samurai sword?

What characteristics should I look for in a sword?

What can I do if a dog looks like it is about to attack me?

What can I do if a bear attacks me?

Where can I go for self defense tips?

What type of self defense products should I buy?

Why should I use a personal alarm?

What can I do to ensure my personal protection

How can I find out what I should use for my personal security?

What benefit is there to having a safety product available for me to use?

Can I buy police equipment?

How can handcuffs be used to protect me?

What is an ASp Baton?

Can I use an expandable baton to surprise an attacker

Can I use a police baton for self defense?

How should I use a billy club?

Can I use brass knuckles?

How can I choose what self defense equipment to buy?

Can I use a smoke bomb for fun?

Can hidden cameras help me protect my possessions?

Why would I use a lock pick?

Why would I want a cheap knife?

Do stun guns really work?

Is knife throwing a sport?

Why do I get bad feelings about certain situations?

How can I become more comfortable saying no, to my boyfriend?

How can I be safer in a new environment?

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