How to Burglar Proof Doors and Windows

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How do I burglar proof my home?

How to Burglar Proof Doors and Windows

Making your home burglar proof can start with installing locks on your doors and windows. This can be a relatively inexpensive procedure that starts be adding a dead bolt to your doors and bars to the windows. Other options that add to the cost of your security protection include installing alarms, motion detectors, and security lights. You can also make sure that all drapes are closed especially at night to keep anyone from looking into your house to determine if there is anything valuable to steal. Adding these extra precautionary methods are important especially if you live in a high crime area.



12/5/2008 11:26:56 AM
Sofie Martinez said:

There is no such thing as burglar proofing anything. A burglar can get in your home if they want what is in it bad enough. The home owner should create an environment which is a disadvantage to the burglar. The burglar wants to get in your home, take what they want and get out in as little time as possible. If you establish barriers that causes the burglar to have to take more time, then the chances are likely that he/she will give up and move on to something less challenging. Saying something is burglar proof leads to a false sense of security.


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