Anti-Crime Education for Women

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How can a woman protect herself from robbery and sex crimes?

Anti-Crime Education for Women

This short anti-crime tutorial for women can make the difference between enjoying your freedom and becoming the victim of a crime.

The first thing to remember is that most crimes against women are violent. They are either rape or robbery oriented. These criminals hit hard, hit fast, and want to cause their victims as much pain as possible. The best defense is a good offense.

Avoiding an attack is much easier than surviving one. That is why women should take anti-crime education courses, self-defense courses, and go to extremes to defend their homes. There are a few common sense tips that will help protect you from becoming the victim of a violent crime.
- Dress in loose comfortable clothing. It only takes a few minutes to change at the end of your work day.
- Do not carry a large purse.
- Women who look like victims often become victims. It is easy to 'profile' criminals, but most women don't understand that it is just as easy to 'profile' victims.

The smartest self defense advice you can follow is to learn how to change your life so you no longer fit the victim's profile.



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