How to Use Pepper Spray Properly

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How Do I Use Pepper Spray?

How to Use Pepper Spray Properly

Pepper spray comes in a dozen different containers, but all pepper spray products are used in the same way. It doesn't matter whether you use a pepper spray pen, key chain, pager, canister, watch, or other container. Take care that the canister, nozzle, or dispenser are in good working order.

- How far does it spray?
- Does it spray a stream or a fog?
- Is it easy to push the trigger?

It is very important to understand how to use your pepper spray or mace canister 'before' you are in an emergency situation. Learning how to use pepper spray prevents accidents.
- Fire a 2 or 3 second burst.
- Aim for the attacker's eyes.

Once the attacker drops to the ground, turn and run. If the spray includes a UV dye, the police can use it to identify the attacker.



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