Pepper Spray and Tear Gas Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

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Can Pepper Spray and Tear Gas cause health problems?

Pepper Spray and Tear Gas Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Most people are lulled into believing that self defense sprays like tear gas or pepper spray are safe. This is only true if they are used properly. Pepper spray and tear gas can be extremely dangerous and exposure to self defense sprays like pepper spray can be dangerous to people with heart and respiratory problems.

If pepper spray or tear gas is used in a crowded area, everyone in the area will be covered with pepper spray residue. The residue can cause dangerous respiratory problems, so follow these simple tips to protecting yourself and those around you:
- Do not play with a self defense spray
- Do not use it unless absolutely necessary
- Do not test it on yourself
- If you do leave someone "under the influence" of pepper spray or mace then make sure you tell the police so they can bring medical help. Seek medical care if anyone develops breathing problems, headaches, vomiting, or an allergenic reaction. Self defense sprays are a safe weapon in the hands of a responsible adult.



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