Home Defense and Safe Rooms

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How can I make my home safe?

Home Defense and Safe Rooms

You don't have to turn your home into a prison in an effort to keep it safe. Some simple rules apply to help you keep your home and your family safe:

  • Keep doorways clear
  • Keep an alarm handy in-case someone tries to push their way into the home.
  • Never leave doors and windows unlocked in your home or car.
  • Never leave keys hidden outside the home.
These home defense tips will alert most criminals that you are prepared to protect yourself. You can take your home defense to the next level by installing a type of deterrent. Deterrents are devices like surveillance cameras, motion detectors with an automatic 911 dialing feature, motion detectors with high decibel alarms, wedges and bars, and as a last resort, a closet can be turned into a safe room.
If you choose to create a safe room, make sure you have water, food, cell phone, flashlights, pepper spray, and a high decibel alarm in the room with you.



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