Wireless and Battery Operated Security Systems

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Can I prevent burglary without installing an expensive security system?

Wireless and Battery Operated Security Systems

There are several excellent wireless home protection products designed to prevent burglary:

  • Voice recognition security devices add an extra level of security. They can prevent burglary, even if the phone lines are cut, and the electric power is turned off.
  • Wireless home protection alarms often come with a remote. These prevent burglary by letting you trigger the alarm before the intruder enters the home. This buys you a few extra minutes of before the burglar reaches you. A wireless alarm can also be networked to set off a chain reaction. An alarm cannot prevent a burglary if the burglar can disable the alarm. Disabling alarms becomes more difficult if a remote control, or wireless system, can set off several alarms in different areas of the home.
  • Wireless cameras offer several benefits. Voice recognition security devices take home protection to a new level. The alarm can tell you, 'someone is in the back shed,' or, 'there is a child by the pool.' This turns this home protection alarm into a handy 'second eye' for mothers, day care providers, and the elderly.



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