6 Steps of Self Defense

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How can I protect myself from violence?

6 Steps of Self Defense

There are six basic things to remember when it comes to self defense:

1. Criminals are predators and they seek control. Most victims 'see' or 'sense' the signs, but ignore them until it is too late.
2. Criminals are territorial. The first sign of trouble is a person who asks 'want to go to ________.' They want to take control of their surroundings.
3. Create a Barrier. A locked door, pepper spray, or a group of people all work effectively as a barrier between a criminal and a victim. You can also use your knees, hands, and hips as barriers between a criminal's body and yours.
4. A criminal may tell you not to fight or not to scream. If you feel your life is in danger, it's best to follow the directions and protect yourself first.
5. Fighting back can save your life. For many criminals, the violent act is a game.
6. Don't expect the criminal to play fair.



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