Self Defense Products for the Home

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How can I protect my home against an intruder?

Self Defense Products for the Home

The most important self-defense products for the home are ones that stop a burglar before they enter the home. Several perimeter defense products deter potential invaders before they enter your home.

  • Motion and infrared alarms and lights are the first line of defense. One of the best alarms on the market are the "auto dial" phones. These phones have a motion alarm that triggers an automatic dial of any number you choose, including the local police. Some even have a recording device that records the intruder.
  • Door wedges and bars are also used to stop most intruders. These wedges brace against doors and windows, preventing intruders from opening the entrance to your home.
  • A high risk home might use battery operated and wireless alarms that call the police. You can even purchase a motion sensor alarm that dispenses a UV dye, marking intruders so police can identify them later.



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