Defense Weapons Training

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Which is the best self defense weapon for me?

Defense Weapons Training

The level of skill you have acquired to handle a lethal weapon like a gun or knife can make a difference during an attack. While you can learn this through self defense videos and books, you may not gain the needed skill and techniques to appropriately wield the weapon and fend off an attacker. The defensive weapons training provided by the military for its personnel helps troops in the field gain that necessary ability. This may also be of benefit any user who wants accurate training by a qualified professional on the self defense weapon.
For this to be effective, you need to regularly practice until you are comfortable with it and have gained the needed expertise in the technique. If you don't feel at ease using the weapon, wait to use it. A lethal weapon in unskilled hands won't help you. In fact, it could be taken away and used against you. In this situation, you may be better using a secondary method of self defense like a stun gun or pepper spray which is less intimidating and takes less ability.



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