The Stealth Of The Ninja Sword

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Can a ninja sword be used for self defense?

The Stealth Of The Ninja Sword

The Ninja warrior throughout history has often viewed as covert, quick, and highly skilled. This may be why some turn to martial arts gear like the ninja sword as a form of self defense. Because there were so many skills that could be used depending on the situation, the ninja would typically use a sword for quick thrusts which explains the thick, straight shape of the sword. However, the true skill of the ninja could be seen in how they could turn that weapon into a tool. According to, “A ‘ninja' sword can also be used as a stepladder for climbing over a fence, and the scabbard or sheath can also be used as a respiration pipe in underwater activities or for secretly overhearing conversations.” While this is not the easiest weapon to use for self defense, the ninja sword when used correctly can be highly effective as a means of protection. Someone who becomes skilled in using the sword should also be able to turn it into a tool that can help them escape a potentially hazardous situation.



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