My Husband has Curly Brown Hair, too

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My Husband has Curly Brown Hair, too

The next time you find yourself alone in confined quarters with someone, it's time for a conversation. Elevators are a good example where you can find yourself one on one with another – and not feeling terribly comfortable with the situation. Most people tend to face the door of an elevator. From now on, try to situate yourself near the front of the elevator car, only turn and face the other person. Look that person directly in the eye. Then make a comment about his personal appearance. "My husband has curly brown hair too." Or "I bet you get a lot of compliments on your green eyes." Doing so let's that person know that you could I.D. him – that you did in fact get a good look at his face.

Looking someone in the eye and initiating a conversation conveys confidence. Whereas turning with your back to the person, head looking down at shoes and remaining silent expresses that you could be an easy victim.



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