Just Say No to Walking and Talking

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Just Say No to Walking and Talking

Countless people do it; talk on their cell phone while walking from point A to point B. Many walkers actually feel more comfortable talking to someone as they travel across campus or the parking lot. It's really not a good idea; and here's why.

You're distracted. While you are walking you are also talking and paying attention to what the person on the other end of the phone is saying to you. You can't possibly have 100% domain awareness if you're carrying on a conversation. Furthermore, at least one of your hands is tied up. Often you could have a phone is one hand and books in another. Not paying attention and not having hands free are two traits potential perpetrators look for in victims. That makes a person an easy prey.

Next time you must travel on foot call someone to tell her you are leaving and that you will call again once you reach your vehicle or final destination. Keep your eyes scanning the terrain at all times and pay 100% attention to your surroundings. Just say no to walking and talking.



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