Show Ten Fingers on Your Hands

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Show Ten Fingers on Your Hands

If you are ever approached by someone with a knife the first thing you want to do is run. Run fast and run far. However that isn't always feasible. So the next thing to do is immediately hold up both hands, palms facing the knifeman with all fingers spread widely – as if you are flashing the number ten on your fingers. Get the picture? Next keep your hands in front of your trunk – your torso area. Decide right then and there that you will get cut; but that you will not die from it. Keep your hands up continually moving slightly to protect your heart, stomach and neck. Your arms can survive knife cuts. Bleeding out because of a knife wound to a major artery can be deadly. If you want to see a good example of someone using their hands to block her vital organs, rent the movie "Enough" with Jennifer Lopez. There is a scene at the end of the movie where she is doing just as described above.



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