If Attacked from Behind -

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If Attacked from Behind -

If you are approached from behind, in bear hug fashion here are a number of techniques you can quickly deploy to get away from an attacker. Stomp on his foot, but on the way down make sure you slide your foot along side his shin bone. Feel your own shin – there isn't much there except a thin layer of skin and bone … and a lot of nerves. It will definitely hurt to slide the sole of your shoe along this bone, and then stomp with all your vigor on the perpetrator's foot. To add icing to this special treat, put all your weight on your heel and grind the stomp in even more.

A head butt is going to smart a little too. If someone is grabbing you from behind immediately throw your head back into his forehead. The bad guy will see stars for a minute and possibly give you an opportunity to run away. Lastly if opportunity presents itself, throw your pointy elbows back with all your might into his solar plexus. Bring your arms forward toward your own face to gain momentum and then thrust your pointed daggers back into his sides with every ounce of strength you can muster. Then run!



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