Trust Your Instincts

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Why do I get bad feelings about certain situations?

Trust Your Instincts

These bad feelings have many names, instincts, gut feelings, intuition vibes or sixth sense. These feelings keep you safe when you obey them. They are an internal warning device. Each person has instincts. Your ability to hear them and obey them increases with awareness.

Your instincts are one of the most powerful tools of crime prevention. There are many names for instincts, gut feelings, intuition, vibes or sixth sense. If something, some place or someone feels wrong obey your instincts. If you are at a party and get bad vibes or dread in your stomach, pay attention. These feelings are here to protect you. Sometimes people worry about feeling foolish. It is okay to appear as foolish, over cautious or to be wrong, than to be in danger. Trust your instincts to tell you if a situation is wrong for you, or when or to call the police.

Many of my clients often regret not listening to their intuition in dangerous situations. Have an instinct buddy. A person with whom you make a pact with to obey your instincts with, when you are out in public. Having an instinct buddy will give you the courage to obey your instincts. Make a pact that you will obey each other's instincts. Your safety and security is in the best interest of everyone.



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