Practice Saying No.

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How can I become more comfortable saying no, to my boyfriend?

Practice Saying No.

A woman's voice is her most powerful asset. By using your voice, you will be able to assert your power. Your power is your ability to articulate your needs, fears, limitations and when something does not feel right. Your voice gives you options. You can scream, ask for help, scare someone and defend yourself. If you are silent, you are not heard. It is important to say what you are feeling and what you want to happen.

Practice saying no in a variety of ways. Whisper no, scream no, yell no, and any other way that feels comfortable for you. Learn to say no like you mean it. Repeat the word "No," until you find your words, your voice, your actions and your body are in complete alignment. Your whole body should be saying no. This also eliminates mixed messages. When you say "NO!", mean it. There are many ways to say "No,", No Way!", "Not happening,", "No, thank you!", "Nope", "Never!" and many more.



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