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Can I use a police baton for self defense?

Police Batons Can Be Used For Self Defense

Included among the weapons often carried by law enforcement officers are police batons. These have been around for many years and are often used to break up riots. An advantage of police batons is that they are considered a less lethal weapon to carry and use then a gun. These are still dangerous though and can inflict serious injury. A disadvantage of the police baton is that if you don't know how to use it, you run the risk of having the attacker grab it and use it against you.

Can I use an expandable baton to surprise an attacker

Gain The Element Of Surprise With An Expandable Baton

The element of surprise can help you defeat an attacker. When you carry around a weapon for self defense, it helps if it can be stored in a smaller size and extended to be used if attacked. An expandable baton serves just this purpose where with the touch of a button for an automatic baton it can be extended and used immediately.

What is an ASp Baton?

What Is An ASP Baton?

The ASP Baton is a weapon used by both local and federal law enforcement agencies to maintain control. It has the advantage of being expandable and durable enough that it won't collapse when in use. In addition, because the baton can be collapsed down to a smaller size it is easier for you to carry on you and extends to its full size quickly.

How can handcuffs be used to protect me?

Control A Criminal Until Police Arrive

Law enforcement use handcuffs to control criminals. While this won't help you when an initial attack occurs, it may come in handy later. If you defeat your attacker, having handcuffs nearby may enable you to control the attacker until the police arrive.

Can I buy police equipment?

Criminals Are Afraid of Police Equipment

Criminals run from law enforcement for several reasons. One is that they don't want to get caught and go to jail. Another is that they are afraid of the weapons that police carry. The police equipment that an officer may have on him or her goes beyond just your typical gun but may include police batons and stun guns. If you think carrying the same weapons as law enforcement will give you a greater sense of personal security, then you may want to explore what is available through a police equipment supply store.

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