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Is pepper spray safe to use at home?

Pepper Spray May Be Safer To Use At Home

Have you considered what type of protection is best to keep readily available in case of a home invasion? If you have children, keeping a loaded gun nearby can be dangerous. It may be better to keep pepper spray or mace pepper spray in a handy location. While it is considered safer than a handgun, pepper spray should always be kept out of reach of children who may think it is a toy rather than a weapon.

Why should I use the same pepper spray used by law enforcement agencies?

Buy Pepper Spray That's Hot

Anyone in the market to buy pepper spray needs to carefully consider the wide range of options. All pepper sprays are not created equal. A good place to start is by taking a close look at products being used by law enforcement agencies. Chances are if it's a product that they find effective at controlling various types of criminals (including drug addicts, drunks, and other mentally unstable people) than it should be good for use as a personal self-defense spray.

How Do I Use Pepper Spray?

How to Use Pepper Spray Properly

Pepper spray comes in a dozen different containers, but all pepper spray products are used in the same way. It doesn't matter whether you use a pepper spray pen, key chain, pager, canister, watch, or other container. Take care that the canister, nozzle, or dispenser are in good working order.

- How far does it spray?
- Does it spray a stream or a fog?
- Is it easy to push the trigger?

It is very important to understand how to use your pepper spray or mace canister 'before' you are in an emergency situation. Learning how to use pepper spray prevents accidents.
- Fire a 2 or 3 second burst.
- Aim for the attacker's eyes.

Once the attacker drops to the ground, turn and run. If the spray includes a UV dye, the police can use it to identify the attacker.

Can Pepper Spray and Tear Gas cause health problems?

Pepper Spray and Tear Gas Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Most people are lulled into believing that self defense sprays like tear gas or pepper spray are safe. This is only true if they are used properly. Pepper spray and tear gas can be extremely dangerous and exposure to self defense sprays like pepper spray can be dangerous to people with heart and respiratory problems.

If pepper spray or tear gas is used in a crowded area, everyone in the area will be covered with pepper spray residue. The residue can cause dangerous respiratory problems, so follow these simple tips to protecting yourself and those around you:
- Do not play with a self defense spray
- Do not use it unless absolutely necessary
- Do not test it on yourself
- If you do leave someone "under the influence" of pepper spray or mace then make sure you tell the police so they can bring medical help. Seek medical care if anyone develops breathing problems, headaches, vomiting, or an allergenic reaction. Self defense sprays are a safe weapon in the hands of a responsible adult.

Can carrying a self defense keychain help me avoid becoming a victim?

Self Defense Keychains

If you carry self defense spray or other product for protection, the best place to have it is where you can easily get to it such as a keychain. Self defense keychains can range from your typical pepper spray keychain to alarms or knives. To avoid becoming a victim, you need to feel and look confident in any situation. Carrying a self defense keychain and having it easily accessible can give you that sense of security you need. According to sources at, “ This is a sound idea because since most people usually have their keys with them, they will also always have their pepper spray with them.”

What are some things I should take into consideration when using a defense spray?

Defense Spray Warnings

Self defense spray can be useful if you feel like you need regular protection available for any threatening situation. Your best bet to learn how to use something like pepper spray is to get training from a qualified instructor. Also, in order for it to work effectively, always carry it on you and have it in hand when you are walking in the dark or by yourself. Storing pepper spray at home will not help you if you are attacked somewhere else. However, do keep it in a location where children can not access it. Remember that pepper spray is a self defense weapon. It should be treated with care and only used in a situation where you feel threatened. If you feel you are in danger of bodily harm you can pull your spray. Every altercation is different and all situations are judged by the totality of the circumstances for that occurrence.

It's important to note that some cans of pepper spray last 5 years and other cans only last a year or two.

What is the best self defense spray for joggers?

What is Mace?

Mace is not a product, but a brand name. Mace tear gas has several advantages over pepper spray, including its power to spray up to 18 feet. Mace tear gas also comes in a gel or a foam that sticks to the attacker and cannot be wiped away. While the assailant tries to wipe the offending foam away, they cover their hands and arms with UV dye. Mace makes self defense sprays that are legal in Michigan and Wisconsin. Mace tear gas gives the jogger or other solo victim the choice of defending themselves before they are attacked.

Do I need anything more than a defense spray?

Self Defense Tactics For Your Protection

Two popular defense sprays available on the market are pepper spray and mace tear gas. Pepper spray and mace are designed to give you a chance to stop an attack, take control of the situation, and get away. However, defense sprays are only a temporary measure. For better self defense protection, it is important to have a second line of defense like knowledge of self defense moves. You can also carry a backup weapon like a baton or the butt of a flashlight. Self defense spray is only effective if you are standing close enough to your attacker to get it in their face and eyes. You also have to be in a position where your hands are free to use the spray or another weapon. In those situations where your arms are pinned, self defense moves may help you to escape a dangerous situation.

What is the difference between mace and pepper spray?

Types of Defense Sprays

Defense sprays that can be purchased for your use are all similar in nature and commonly known as tear gas, mace, or pepper spray. Tear gas has been used for many years by police as a method of riot control. Mace is able to deter an assailant with pain. This however, may not be effective for persons who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. On the other hand, pepper spray causes a number of different effects including respiratory inflammation. This has a better ability to temporarily disable someone who is under the influence or mentally disturbed. After spraying pepper spray at an assailant run immediately away. Defense sprays can help to incapacitate the criminal but it does not paralyze them.

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