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Why do I get bad feelings about certain situations?

Trust Your Instincts

These bad feelings have many names, instincts, gut feelings, intuition vibes or sixth sense. These feelings keep you safe when you obey them. They are an internal warning device. Each person has instincts. Your ability to hear them and obey them increases with awareness.

Your instincts are one of the most powerful tools of crime prevention. There are many names for instincts, gut feelings, intuition, vibes or sixth sense. If something, some place or someone feels wrong obey your instincts. If you are at a party and get bad vibes or dread in your stomach, pay attention. These feelings are here to protect you. Sometimes people worry about feeling foolish. It is okay to appear as foolish, over cautious or to be wrong, than to be in danger. Trust your instincts to tell you if a situation is wrong for you, or when or to call the police.

Many of my clients often regret not listening to their intuition in dangerous situations. Have an instinct buddy. A person with whom you make a pact with to obey your instincts with, when you are out in public. Having an instinct buddy will give you the courage to obey your instincts. Make a pact that you will obey each other's instincts. Your safety and security is in the best interest of everyone.

Am I in a high-risk category for an ATM robbery?

ATM Security Tips

Today, anti-crime education includes protecting yourself while at a bank ATM. Most anti-crime education websites include the following tips:
- Only use ATM machines in well lighted, high traffic areas. The best ones are inside busy supermarkets.
- Avoid ATM machines that have hiding places within 50 feet. Have your card out when approaching the machine, withdraw the cash, and leave.
- Do not stop to count your cash. Leave if someone comes to the machine while you are there.
- If you are confronted with an ATM robber, don't argue or fight. Give up the cash and call the police immediately.

Robbers know which ATM machines people use when they 'need' fast cash. This includes ATM machines near clubs, factories and places where people pull out pay day cash, and ATMs near drug stores.

Can I avoid becoming a mugging victim?

Protect Yourself From A Potential Mugging

Anti-crime education includes information to protect people from muggings. Sometimes a crime that starts as a robbery can turn more violent. According to, "Your chances are about one in three that you will be hurt in robbery and one in five that your injury will be serious enough to require hospitalization." Take precautionary steps to avoid becoming a victim. First, be more alert when out at night since most muggings occur after dark. Second, stay in well lit areas and walk with a group. Finally, walk with confidence when you are out so you don't look like a victim.

How do I burglar proof my home?

How to Burglar Proof Doors and Windows

Making your home burglar proof can start with installing locks on your doors and windows. This can be a relatively inexpensive procedure that starts be adding a dead bolt to your doors and bars to the windows. Other options that add to the cost of your security protection include installing alarms, motion detectors, and security lights. You can also make sure that all drapes are closed especially at night to keep anyone from looking into your house to determine if there is anything valuable to steal. Adding these extra precautionary methods are important especially if you live in a high crime area.

How to I prevent a home invasion?

Crime Prevention Tips for Home Protection

Home protection starts with simple crime prevention strategies. Spare keys should be left in a diversion safe, back at a post office box, or in your vehicle, but never under a flower pot, in a can in the garage, or under the mat. Use a dead bolt and a door wedge or bar to keep criminals out of your home. Crime prevention needs to become a habit. Learn to check in dark corners, or check neighbor's yards before you climb out of your car, or enter the garage.

Are crimes against joggers 'hit and grab' or 'violent' crimes?

Crime Prevention for Joggers

Joggers are more likely to be the victim of a criminal attack than many other people. This is because they tend to get very focused with what they are doing or are listening to music with headphones. When you are not alert and paying attention to your surroundings, you increase your likelihood of becoming a victim. Some tips you can follow to keep you safe include: vary your routine, avoid secluded areas, carry a personal protection device (pepper spray or an alarm), and run during daylight. If you do feel threatened, move as quickly as possible to a well populated area or a business and ask for help.

How can a woman protect herself from robbery and sex crimes?

Anti-Crime Education for Women

This short anti-crime tutorial for women can make the difference between enjoying your freedom and becoming the victim of a crime.

The first thing to remember is that most crimes against women are violent. They are either rape or robbery oriented. These criminals hit hard, hit fast, and want to cause their victims as much pain as possible. The best defense is a good offense.

Avoiding an attack is much easier than surviving one. That is why women should take anti-crime education courses, self-defense courses, and go to extremes to defend their homes. There are a few common sense tips that will help protect you from becoming the victim of a violent crime.
- Dress in loose comfortable clothing. It only takes a few minutes to change at the end of your work day.
- Do not carry a large purse.
- Women who look like victims often become victims. It is easy to 'profile' criminals, but most women don't understand that it is just as easy to 'profile' victims.

The smartest self defense advice you can follow is to learn how to change your life so you no longer fit the victim's profile.

I am disabled or elderly, where can I find help?

Crime Prevention for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

The elderly are common victims of financial and violent crimes. Most victims suffer in silence because they are too embarrassed or don't think they will be believed. The best thing that can be done to prevent becoming a victim is to be prepared. To avoid violent crimes, keep windows and doors closed and locked. Also, don't keep money or other valuables around your house.
You can prevent most financial crimes as well by avoiding sales pitches that promise free money or inexpensive trips. In addition, before signing on the dotted line for any investments or home repairs, check out the company to make sure they are legitimate. Other ways to protect yourself from financial fraud include having a power of attorney or including another adult that you trust on your bank account. While these may not be foolproof, they may give you a better chance of avoiding fraud.

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