Crime Prevention for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

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I am disabled or elderly, where can I find help?

Crime Prevention for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

The elderly are common victims of financial and violent crimes. Most victims suffer in silence because they are too embarrassed or don't think they will be believed. The best thing that can be done to prevent becoming a victim is to be prepared. To avoid violent crimes, keep windows and doors closed and locked. Also, don't keep money or other valuables around your house.
You can prevent most financial crimes as well by avoiding sales pitches that promise free money or inexpensive trips. In addition, before signing on the dotted line for any investments or home repairs, check out the company to make sure they are legitimate. Other ways to protect yourself from financial fraud include having a power of attorney or including another adult that you trust on your bank account. While these may not be foolproof, they may give you a better chance of avoiding fraud.



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