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Where is the best place to hide keys?

Hiding A Spare Key To Your Home

Never leave a key to your home where it can be easily found. In fact, it isn't usually a good idea to leave a home key outside. If you feel the need to do this, your best bet is to buy a diversion safe like a key rock. However, don't forget that if you have heard of a diversion safe than thieves have probably heard of them as well. This is their business so they know where to look. If you have a security camera in place, you should hide your key in its view. This way if a thief does try to break in, you will hopefully have a good view of them.

Can I prevent burglary without installing an expensive security system?

Wireless and Battery Operated Security Systems

There are several excellent wireless home protection products designed to prevent burglary:

  • Voice recognition security devices add an extra level of security. They can prevent burglary, even if the phone lines are cut, and the electric power is turned off.
  • Wireless home protection alarms often come with a remote. These prevent burglary by letting you trigger the alarm before the intruder enters the home. This buys you a few extra minutes of before the burglar reaches you. A wireless alarm can also be networked to set off a chain reaction. An alarm cannot prevent a burglary if the burglar can disable the alarm. Disabling alarms becomes more difficult if a remote control, or wireless system, can set off several alarms in different areas of the home.
  • Wireless cameras offer several benefits. Voice recognition security devices take home protection to a new level. The alarm can tell you, 'someone is in the back shed,' or, 'there is a child by the pool.' This turns this home protection alarm into a handy 'second eye' for mothers, day care providers, and the elderly.

How can I protect myself from burglars until the police arrive?

High Security Home Protection

Improve home protection for you and your family with a burglar alarm. An alarm system can give you warning when an intruder breaks into your home and may help to scare them away. Before deciding what company should install your alarm system, check with the Better Business Bureau, your insurance agent, or the local police to identify a good security company. When you call them ask the following:
1. What is the warranty on the alarm system?
2. Do all company employees have a background check?
3. What extra options are included in the system (i.e. carbon monoxide or smoke detector, etc.)?
4. What is the cost?

How can I protect myself while traveling?

Home Protection Devices That Travel

There are a few things you need to take into consideration when traveling with a home protection device:

  • Alarms that fit in windows, hang from doorknobs, and wedge under doors will alert you to an intruder.
  • A small air pressure alarm senses the change in air pressure caused by an opening window or door. This alarm sits on a bedside table or ledge and is small enough to carry with you.
  • When traveling in hotels, a door or window wedge will stop intruders from entering, even if they have a pass key. Battery operated wedges and alarms will protect you, even in the event of a black out.
These home protection devices are excellent choices when traveling abroad or in foreign cities. Home protection should never end at your front door.

How can I protect myself from a stalker who keeps phoning me?

Telephone Home Security

Your telephone can be a key component in your home security system. When purchasing a burglar alarm for your home find out if it will be hooked into your phone system. More expensive systems can be set up to connect directly to your local police or another central location in the event your alarm is triggered. These types of systems are often found in office buildings but can also be installed in homes often including a regular subscription fee to the security company.

How can I make my home safe?

Home Defense and Safe Rooms

You don't have to turn your home into a prison in an effort to keep it safe. Some simple rules apply to help you keep your home and your family safe:

  • Keep doorways clear
  • Keep an alarm handy in-case someone tries to push their way into the home.
  • Never leave doors and windows unlocked in your home or car.
  • Never leave keys hidden outside the home.
These home defense tips will alert most criminals that you are prepared to protect yourself. You can take your home defense to the next level by installing a type of deterrent. Deterrents are devices like surveillance cameras, motion detectors with an automatic 911 dialing feature, motion detectors with high decibel alarms, wedges and bars, and as a last resort, a closet can be turned into a safe room.
If you choose to create a safe room, make sure you have water, food, cell phone, flashlights, pepper spray, and a high decibel alarm in the room with you.

How do I prevent someone from entering my home?

Wedges Can Slow Down An Intruder

As an extra precautionary method for home protection you can prevent an intruder from entering your home by installing door wedges. This may not completely stop a potential burglar but it can slow them down. A door wedge is inexpensive and is secured to the floor to prevent the door from being opened very far even when someone is pushing on it. While this can be used to cover any swinging door, its best use is for a bedroom door. This creates a safe place where you can hide until police arrive.

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