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How can I be safer in a new environment?

Use Your Resources

Always be aware of your environment. Know where the exits and windows are in every room, building, airplane or home. Know where the light switches, elevators and stairwells are in your building.

I arrive early when I have an appointment and I take a tour of the area. It in only takes a few minutes to tour your environment. You don't want to guess when you are in danger. Know these important escape routes in the places you spend your time. Look for the fire extinguishers, telephones, and nearby offices. Whereever you are there are objects you may use for your defense, if attacked. Coffee pots, purses/books, pens/pencils, car keys, and any other object you may find.

How can I protect myself in places where I cannot carry a self defense weapon?

Dog Repellent as a Personal Protection Product

When faced with a dog ready to attack many people question what options they have to defend themselves. One possibility is to carry dog repellent. The idea behind this product is that it will confuse the dog and get it to stop attacking. This product is good for joggers, postal workers or anyone who likes to take walks and is worried about dog attacks. Read the label of the dog repellent carefully and don't use it as a self defense weapon against a human attacker.

How can I find out what I should use for my personal security?

What Are Your Personal Security Options?

Learn about personal security options in your area by talking to local law enforcement. Many people don't take this extra step, but by talking to the experts on crime, you can find out what works best to keep criminals from turning you into a victim. Get advice on a variety of personal safety equipment including a personal safety alarm, lock or other self defense weapons. Your personal safety is just as important to your local law enforcement as it is to you.

What benefit is there to having a safety product available for me to use?

Safety Products May Give You Confidence

Your personal safety at home or work can be improved with the use of a safety product. Personal safety tips warn that weapons used to protect you against an attacker should only be used when you have no other options. At the same time, you can and should defend yourself when threatened. While you may never have to use personal safety products to defend yourself, having them nearby may give you the extra boost of confidence to keep you from becoming a victim.

What can I do to ensure my personal protection

Avoid Danger And Ensure Your Personal Protection

Keeping you and your family safe can be a constant concern to some. Is it possible to always be safe so you don't have to worry? This may be unrealistic. However, you can do a lot to ensure your personal protection. Start by always being alert and aware of your surroundings. This can help you to avoid becoming a victim. Finally, if you do end up in a situation where you feel threatened, defend yourself with self defense techniques you may know or by using some type of self defense weapon.

Why should I use a personal alarm?

Personal Alarms For Your Protection

For your safety, personal alarms can offer a loud diversion to distract an attacker while you make your escape. These can also create an advantage for you if there are other people are around. The noise they can create will draw attention to your situation, hopefully bringing other people or even law enforcement to your aid.

What can I do to stop a stalker?

Self Defense Tips to Stop Stalkers

Methods used to stop a stalker are similar to those that can be used to stop any attacker. To protect yourself at home, try setting up security cameras as well as installing a burglar alarm. You should not need to live in fear so establish safety measures in your home that give you a greater sense of security. Other self defense methods you can use to deal with a stalker include being aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid following a regular routine.
If you are being stalked, start by talking to local law enforcement about your options and, if possible, talk to a lawyer about getting a restraining order. To increase your safety, you may want to look into self defense training.

How can I protect my home against an intruder?

Self Defense Products for the Home

The most important self-defense products for the home are ones that stop a burglar before they enter the home. Several perimeter defense products deter potential invaders before they enter your home.

  • Motion and infrared alarms and lights are the first line of defense. One of the best alarms on the market are the "auto dial" phones. These phones have a motion alarm that triggers an automatic dial of any number you choose, including the local police. Some even have a recording device that records the intruder.
  • Door wedges and bars are also used to stop most intruders. These wedges brace against doors and windows, preventing intruders from opening the entrance to your home.
  • A high risk home might use battery operated and wireless alarms that call the police. You can even purchase a motion sensor alarm that dispenses a UV dye, marking intruders so police can identify them later.

Are self defense weapons a good choice for women?

Self Defense Weapons for Women

There are many self defense weapons that can give a woman the advantage in an attack. Typically, something like an air horn can raise awareness from others in the area hopefully bringing other to the area and scaring off the would-be attacker. Something like pepper spray can act as a deterrent to the assailant giving the woman time to make her escape. Whichever method is chosen, it is important that the woman take advantage of the situation and make an escape.

What can I carry if I don't feel comfortable with a weapon?

Police Flashlights

If you are uncomfortable carrying a self defense weapon, a good alternative might by a police flashlight. This is not truly a weapon so you decrease your chances of facing legal problems due to carrying a concealed weapon. Carrying this with you may come in handy in a dangerous situation where sometimes just shining a light in a would-be attacker's eyes may be enough to scare them away. If that doesn't work, you may be able to use it as a weapon by hitting an assailant with it. Some flashlights come with alarms that can be set off during an attack. A great advantage of using a police flashlight as a self defense weapon is that it can be easily carrier in your car or in a purse and converted to a weapon when needed.

Are there ways to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime?

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

To avoid becoming a victim of a crime, you can create your own home security by altering your environment. Start by keeping alert and aware of your surroundings and increasing the visibility around your home. Reinforce your territory with natural landscaping or gates. Also reinforce the security of your home with locks on windows and doors. Further support your home security by adding additional home security measures like a burglar alarm or motion detector. These steps can all provide you with a greater sense of security and help to discourage a criminal from making your home a target.

I am an avid jogger. How can I protect myself from attack?

Personal Security Products

Personal security products are designed with your protection in mind. Some products that you can use at home include alarm systems and motion alarms. These let you know when someone is breaking into your home and give you an opportunity to escape or defend yourself. Having these systems installed can be done inexpensively in some cases for as low as $500. There are a number of add-ons and options that you can add to a personal security alarm that can raise the cost. These may include a device that can detect a fire in your home or something that can notify you when you child gets home from school. In each case the idea is to give you a greater peace that your home and family are safe.

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