ATM Security Tips

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Am I in a high-risk category for an ATM robbery?

ATM Security Tips

Today, anti-crime education includes protecting yourself while at a bank ATM. Most anti-crime education websites include the following tips:
- Only use ATM machines in well lighted, high traffic areas. The best ones are inside busy supermarkets.
- Avoid ATM machines that have hiding places within 50 feet. Have your card out when approaching the machine, withdraw the cash, and leave.
- Do not stop to count your cash. Leave if someone comes to the machine while you are there.
- If you are confronted with an ATM robber, don't argue or fight. Give up the cash and call the police immediately.

Robbers know which ATM machines people use when they 'need' fast cash. This includes ATM machines near clubs, factories and places where people pull out pay day cash, and ATMs near drug stores.



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