Avoid Carjacking

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How can I prevent a carjacking?

Avoid Carjacking

Carjacking is used by thieves to not only steal a car but in some cases to claim an unwilling victim. One examples of carjacking is known by many names including bump and grab or bump and run. It can happen on a secluded road with few witnesses around where you are bumped from behind. When you get out of your vehicle to check the damage and exchange insurance information, another person jumps into your car and drives away. It can also happen on a busy highway where either you get bumped from behind or forced to slam on your breaks and rear-end the car in front of you. Either way to protect yourself and your possessions, don't immediately get out of your car. Instead phone the police from your cell phone and remain in the car until they arrive. Another option is to drive to a public place and exchange information with the other party there. Make sure you motion to the person to follow you so you are not accused of leaving the scene of an accident.



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